MIX • ListN Up

i care if you listen

aug 5. 2022

i’ve prepared a playlist for you of my favorite artists and pieces that have inspired me over the years that i keep revisiting over and over, and keep discovering new things each time, with each revisit. at first it might seem like it’s all over the place — a lot of different genres, a lot of different cultures — but they all share one thing in common, and that’s really high-level artistry and great taste. i really encourage you to listen to this music on very loud speakers, because I believe that is truly the only way to listen to music… headphones will do. enjoy.

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AMINO BELYAMANI • <em>ListN Up</em>

MIX • Motherland

spotify playlist

apr 14. 2021

a playlist i made highlighting the importance of groove in african music.

"those who hear not the music think the dancers mad"

MIX • <em>Motherland</em>


mar 3. 2021

"after seeing a performance at a mutual friend's party, producer and local gnawa enthusiast, bosco mann, invited innov gnawa to come record some tracks at the daptone house of soul. the invitation was accepted and over a five-hour session, the group tracked an entire albums’ worth of material - all in one take."

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INNOV GNAWA • <em>Lila</em>
INNOV GNAWA • <em>Lila</em>

El Ghaba/The Forest • Innov Gnawa


feb 24. 2021

since the pandemic prompted the music industry to a standstill, amino turned to another passion: web development. as sole creator and developer, he hand coded an interactive covid-19 world map from scratch. live updates every 5 minutes.

WEB PROJECTS • <em>COVID-19 World Map</em>

AMINO BELYAMANI • Archive of Forgetfulness

jan 27. 2021

it was a pleasure to participate on a great podcast series.
episode 8 - how we might trace the afterlives of the trans-Saharan trade routes of the 8th century?

AMINO BELYAMANI • <em>Archive of Forgetfulness</em>

MIX • Black & Gold

spotify playlist • metropolis ensemble

dec 4, 2020

this is an attempt to present an "eclectic" selection of music in a homogenous way. that is, although some of the tracks may seem juxtaposed, they all share the same effect, or rather affect: deep artistry coupled with tasteful and creative risk-taking.

with the exception of a few relatively recent tracks that have perked my ears, like Billie Eilish's bury a friend, Labrinth and Zendaya's All for Us, and David Bowie's Black Star, this playlist is compiled of pillars of my musical maturation. Consequently, their timelessness play a perpetual guiding and inspiring role. Some might make you jump up and dance, some might make you lament, while others might make you laugh. Regardless of the emotion these songs might imbue, their power shines in unison.

MIX • <em>Black & Gold</em>


mar 10. 2020

radiolab presents a binge-worthy podcast series, had an immense pleasure contributing to the original score.

check it out here

RADIOLAB • <em>The Other Latif</em>

WEB PROJECTS • Moroccan Tapes

jan 5. 2020

a collection of cassette tapes made available for streaming, downloading, and sharing. thrilled to launch this project into the world in the beginning of this new decade.

check it out here

WEB PROJECTS • <em>Moroccan Tapes</em>

DAWN OF MIDI • Praedicere

american ballet theatre spring gala • metropolitan opera house

may 21. 2018

this World Premiere pièce d’occasion is the first in a trio of works by tap dancer, choreographer and MacArthur genius fellow Michelle Dorrance, co-commissioned with Vail Dance Festival, and music by Dawn of Midi. This is Dorrance’s first work for American Ballet Theatre.

watch an excerpt here

PRAEDICERE • <em>Metropolitan Opera House</em> PRAEDICERE • <em>Metropolitan Opera House</em> PRAEDICERE • <em>Metropolitan Opera House</em>

INNOV GNAWA • Grammy Nomination

60th grammy • madison square garden

jan 28. 2018

bonobo's track, bambro koyo ganda, featuring innov gnawa, has been nominated for best dance recording. migration, bonobo's album where innov gnawa was featured, has been nominated for best dance/electronic album. check out the track bambro koyo ganda and some pictures from the bonobo american tour.

INNOV GNAWA • <em>Grammy 2018 Red Carpet</em> INNOV GNAWA W/ BONOBO • <em>Redrocks, CO</em> INNOV GNAWA W/ BONOBO • <em>Ace Theater, Los Angeles</em> INNOV GNAWA W/ BONOBO • <em>Redrocks, CO</em>
INNOV GNAWA • <em>Grammy Nomination</em>

Bambro Koyo Ganda • Bonobo Feat. Innov Gnawa

AMINO BELYAMANI • Profane Ascension

seepage/ritual • the abraaj group art prize 2017

jul 2017

a contribution i made to the catalog that accompanies the exhibition held at art dubai 2017.
profane ascension - string quartet composed in response to doa aly's four-channel video work, house of rumor.

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SEEPAGE / RITUAL • <em>Catalog for Art Dubai 2017</em>

DAWN OF MIDI • Supporting Radiohead

madison square garden • new york, ny

jul 2016

it was such a surreal two nights at the garden opening up for radiohead. check out a few pictures from the shows.

watch a live excerpt here

DAWN OF MIDI • <em>Madison Square Garden</em> DAWN OF MIDI • <em>Madison Square Garden</em> DAWN OF MIDI • <em>Madison Square Garden</em> DAWN OF MIDI • <em>Madison Square Garden</em>

MIX • Sounds of Sónar

jun 2016

a mix i did for sónar. enjoy a collection of groovy music beyond any genre and classification.

MIX • <em>Sounds of Sónar</em>


sep 2015

it was a pleasure to play and record with the ochion jewell quartet for this through-composed suite. check out a few video cuts from the album.

you can purhcase your copy on bandcamp

OCHION JEWELL • <em>Volk</em>
OCHION JEWELL • <em>Volk</em>

Radegast • Ochion Jewell

OCHION JEWELL • <em>Volk</em>

A Snakeride Through the Fog • Ochion Jewell

OCHION JEWELL • <em>Volk</em>

At the End of the World Where the Lions Weep • Ochion Jewell

OCHION JEWELL • <em>Volk</em>

What Readon Should I Give • Ornette Coleman

INNOV GNAWA • Innov Gnawa

debut album • REMIX ←→ CULTURE

jul 2015

remix ←→ culture recorded and filmed innov gnawa performing live in a brooklyn warehouse on june 7th, 2015. 6 songs were selected from that 8-hour live performance, making it the band's debut album. you can watch the whole album, including a 'behind the scenes' cut from that special day in brooklyn.

you can purchase your copy on bandcamp

INNOV GNAWA • <em>Innov Gnawa</em>
INNOV GNAWA • <em>Innov Gnawa</em>

Bangara • Innov Gnawa

INNOV GNAWA • <em>Innov Gnawa</em>

Foulani Hiriza & Soye • Innov Gnawa

INNOV GNAWA • <em>Innov Gnawa</em>

Hammadi • Innov Gnawa

INNOV GNAWA • <em>Innov Gnawa</em>

Banwari • Innov Gnawa

INNOV GNAWA • <em>Innov Gnawa</em>

FatHa & La Ilaha Illa Allah • Innov Gnawa

INNOV GNAWA • <em>Innov Gnawa</em>

Toura Toura • Innov Gnawa

INNOV GNAWA • <em>Innov Gnawa</em>

Behind the Scenes • Innov Gnawa

MIX • Clash Music

an exploration of african influences

mar 2015

a mix i did for clash music exploring dawn of midi's north and west african influences.

"dysnomia, in a certain way, is about deception. the idea is to create music that would feel right, in a certain pulse, and make people dance, even if felt in a completely different and wrong way. just like in many folk traditions of the world, only the members of that specific community understand and feel the music correctly.
as an outsider and discoverer of this new music, you would enjoy it at first, even without really understanding it, but the more time spent listening to it, the closer you'll get to feeling the music the right way. this mix, containing diverse styles of moroccan folk and ewe music from ghana and benin, is a journey illustrating this very concept of deception. enjoy!"

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MIX • <em>Clash Music</em>

BEDSTUY EWE • Congahead

apr 2014

bedstuy ewe performs two traditional dance-drumming pieces from the ewe repertoire at the congahead studios.

BEDSTUY EWE • <em>Congahead</em>

Kpomegbe & Kinka • Bedstuy Ewe

BEDSTUY EWE • <em>Congahead</em>

Husago & Akufede • Bedstuy Ewe

DAWN OF MIDI & BRIGHT WAVE • Kanye Demands a Son

kaufman music center • new york, ny

feb 2014

a collaboration between dawn of midi and bright wave at the ecstatic music festival. dawn of midi also performed their latest record dysnomia that evening.

listen to the full concert here

DAWN OF MIDI & BRIGHT WAVE • <em>Ecstatic Music Festival</em> DAWN OF MIDI & BRIGHT WAVE • <em>Ecstatic Music Festival</em> DAWN OF MIDI & BRIGHT WAVE • <em>Ecstatic Music Festival</em> DAWN OF MIDI & BRIGHT WAVE • <em>Ecstatic Music Festival</em>

DAWN OF MIDI • High Maintenance

dec 2013

want to know about the uber man? this episode, from a very exciting and unique hbo series, features a track from dawn of midi's dysnomia and a special guest appearance by our drummer...qasim

watch the full episode on hbo

DAWN OF MIDI • <em>High Maintenance</em>


jul 2013

on a re-imagined piano - that has been tuned unconventionally to better fit the maqaams of fretless instruments like the oud, guembri and rebab, ssahha creates unfamiliar soundscapes under hypnotic north african grooves.

"in more ways than one, Ummi is one of the most surprising and compelling albums of the year."
- Rory Cowal, PopMatters

watch a live excerpt of ssahha's performance at mucem (musée des civilisations de l'europe et de la méditerranée) in marseille, france.

purchase your copy here

SSAHHA • <em>Ummi</em>
SSAHHA • <em>Ummi</em>

mucem performance • SSAHHA

DAWN OF MIDI • Dysnomia

jun 2013

channelled madness – the sound dawn of midi spent years shaping, culminating into their most mesmerising work yet.

"perverse in a good way" - the new york times

purchase your copy on bandcamp or erased tapes

DAWN OF MIDI • <em>Dysnomia</em>
DAWN OF MIDI • <em>Dysnomia</em>

dysnomia trailer • DAWN OF MIDI

DAWN OF MIDI • <em>Dysnomia</em>

algol - live at the echoplex • DAWN OF MIDI


jun 2013

gnawa boussou performs traditional gnawa songs at the congahead studios.

maalem said damir - sintir and vocals
brahim fribgane - cajon and vocals
amino belyamani - qraqeb and vocals

GNAWA BOUSSOU • <em>Congahead</em>

Uled Bambara • Gnawa Boussou

GNAWA BOUSSOU • <em>Congahead</em>

Boulila/Barkati • Gnawa Boussou

DAWN OF MIDI • Kashmir

concert film • film by prashant bhargava, rest in peace

nov 2011

kashmir is a concert piece with film exploring the role of memory in conflict. the performance places its investigation in the context of the territorial conflict over the region kashmir. visually, the film, shot on location in srinagar kashmir, provides a visual counterpoint to the rhythmic and harmonic texture of an original, through-composed score in four movements by dawn of midi. watch the trailer.

DAWN OF MIDI • <em>Kashmir</em>


sharjah biennial x • sharjah, uae

mar 19. 2011

it was an immense honor and privilege to collaborate with the late dimi mint abba at the 10th biennial of the sharjah art foundation. watch the full concert.
such a memorable concert. rest in peace dimi.

read more about the project here

AMINO BELYAMANI & DIMI MINT ABBA • <em>Sharjah Biennial X</em> AMINO BELYAMANI & DIMI MINT ABBA • <em>Sharjah Biennial X</em> AMINO BELYAMANI & DIMI MINT ABBA • <em>Sharjah Biennial X</em> AMINO BELYAMANI & DIMI MINT ABBA • <em>Sharjah Biennial X</em>
AMINO BELYAMANI & DIMI MINT ABBA • <em>Score for a Biennial</em>


AMINO BELYAMANI & DIMI MINT ABBA • <em>Score for a Biennial</em>


AMINO BELYAMANI & DIMI MINT ABBA • <em>Score for a Biennial</em>


AMINO BELYAMANI & DIMI MINT ABBA • <em>Score for a Biennial</em>


DAWN OF MIDI • A Way With Words

official music video • directed by maxime bruneel and adèle miossec

oct 2010

DAWN OF MIDI • <em>A Way With Words</em>

away with words • dawn of midi


short film • by lahcen zinoun

jun 2002

for the first time on the screen, amino belyamani stars on this poetic short film by lahcen zinoun.

AMINO BELYAMANI • <em>Le Piano</em>

le piano • lahcen zinoun