national geographic

jan 27. 2022

national geographic's travel section featured Amino's covid-19 world map

"belyamani’s tool provides a visual perspective to present data in context relative to a country’s population."
- jackie snow, national geographic

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WEB PROJECTS • <em>COVID-19 World Map</em>

WEB PROJECTS • Moroccan Tapes

oct 26. 2021

a collection of cassette tapes made available for streaming, downloading, and sharing. check out the refurbished version of moroccantapes.com with improved streaming and searching capabilities.

WEB PROJECTS • <em>Moroccan Tapes</em>

BEDSTUY EWE • Brooklyn Living Room Sessions

oct 23. 2021

ochion jewell and cat toren created an exciting podcast series a few months ago. as guests on this last episode, we set up our ewe drums on a beautiful day at Prospect Park in Brooklyn and...

BEDSTUY EWE • <em>Brooklyn Living Room Sessions</em>
BEDSTUY EWE • <em>Brooklyn Living Room Sessions</em>

AMINO BELYAMANI • Brooklyn Living Room Sessions

jul 7. 2021

it was an immense honor to be the first guest on ochion jewell and cat toren's new exciting podcast series.

AMINO BELYAMANI • <em>Brooklyn Living Room Sessions</em>