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ftouh rahba • <em>INNOV GNAWA</em>

ftouh rahba • INNOV GNAWA

live from the world’s tastiest melting pot, the creamery mixtape 2.o delivers a fresh installment to their second annual mixtape series on january 19, 2018.

this 12-song compilation was crafted during a 4-day sprint at the creamery studio in brooklyn and, like a subway car at rush hour, it crams together an eclectic group of new yorkers into harmony. the groups all share one thing in common: the ability to create great music in front of a tape machine--and fast. producers quinn mccarthy and jeff fettig run the studio year-round but set time aside for the mixtape as a celebration of the city’s varied music scene and as homage to the live analogue recording art form.




january 19. 2018